Electric Streak

Electrifying the world's most iconic cities, one turn at a time

We are one of the ten founding teams of the FIA Formula E Championship – world’s youngest electric motorsport. Unlike traditional circuits, Formula E cars blaze through the street circuits of some of the world’s most iconic cities. This season, we spark the streets of Buenos Aires, Paris, New York and many more cities.

Hong Kong
R1 | Hong Kong

Hong Kong ePrix

09 OCTOBER, 2016

R2 | Morocco

Marrakesh ePrix

12 NOVEMBER, 2016

Buenos Aries ePrix

Buenos Aries ePrix

18 FEBRUARY, 2017

Mexico ePrix
R4 | Mexico

Mexico City ePrix

01 APRIL, 2017

R5 | Monaco

Monaco ePrix

13 MAY, 2017

R6 | France

Paris ePrix

20 MAY, 2017

Berlin ePrix
R7 | Germany

Berlin ePrix

10 JUNE, 2017

Berlin ePrix
R8 | Germany

Berlin ePrix

11 JUNE, 2017

New York
R9 | USA

New York City ePrix

15 JULY, 2017

New York
R10 | USA

New York City ePrix

16 JULY, 2017

Montreal ePrix
R11 | Canada

Montreal ePrix

29 JULY, 2017

Montreal ePrix
Canada | Montreal

Montreal ePrix

30 JULY, 2017