11-12 February 2022, Mexico City, Mexico

Round 03

– Alexander Sims: Qualifying – 13 / Race – DNF / Points – 0
– Oliver Rowland: Qualifying – 16 / Race – 16 / Points – 0

The Mexico E-Prix’s two free practice sessions saw Oliver Rowland set 15th and 8th fastest laps, respectively, and Alexander Sims the 19th and 17th. Later the same day, the pair headed out for qualifying, which saw Alex miss out on the Duels by just 0.03 seconds. Oliver, who made it through to both of the Duels in Saudi Arabia also had to sit out the new knock-out event this time round. While the race ended early for Sims, who touched the wall, Oliver’s team took a gamble with energy consumption and the Brit pushed heroically through the pack to climb as high as 8th. However, the aggressive strategy didn’t pay off, when the leader forced an extra lap, and he dropped back to 16th before the chequered flag.

Season 8

– Mahindra Racing: 8th / 4 Points
– Oliver Rowland: 13th / 4 Points
– Alexander Sims: 19th / 0 Points

Season 8 stats

– Wins: 0
– Podiums: 0
– Pole Positions: 0
– Duel Appearances: 2
– Fastest Laps: 0

“Qualifying went reasonably well and we were ready to climb through the pack in the race. But, because of a small mistake early on it was over before it began. I’d like to apologise to the team – it was an error on my part and they didn’t get to show what we can do. Onwards and upwards for Rome.”

#29 Alexander Sims

“Sometimes if you want glory you have to take a gamble. I’m happy with my drive and, if the lead car had crossed the line 0.5 seconds later, we would have had to complete one lap less and wouldn’t have been so low on energy. But we make these choices as a team and win and lose together. Next race we need to make sure we’re not in a position where we need to take gambles.”

#30 Oliver Rowland

“It was unfortunate to lose Alex so early on in the race, but Oliver put on a heroic drive to climb from 16th to 8th. We knew it was a gamble to push that hard and, for us and many others, it didn’t pay off. All that said, we have loved returning to this vibrant city. Seeing our fans and partners back at the racetrack has given our whole team a real boost – the passion, the knowledge and the excitement really remind us why we do this.  We will now regroup and use the six-week gap ahead of Rome to return to our race-winning form.”

Dilbagh Gill