Our very own Alexander Sims has taken yet another impressive step towards his conservation and climate change efforts by partnering with the Heart of England Forest charity for the upcoming year.

Whilst Formula E has a net-zero carbon footprint, many of the other events that Sims takes part in over the racing season have not yet achieved this feat. He has therefore decided to mitigate his carbon footprint for travel to and from race events and testing in these series’ in 2021. The British driver plans to donate to the Heart of England Forest charity to mitigate the approximately 20 tonnes of carbon dioxide produced through flying to his endurance events as well as the 5000 litres of fuel used at the track throughout the year. 

Alexander will also be taking an active role as an ambassador for the charity, helping to raise awareness, attract new volunteers and generally support the charity’s efforts towards the climate crisis. 

This partnership is just one of many sustainability efforts made by Sims, who is passionate about conservation and addressing climate change in all aspects of his life. His enthusiasm in this area mirrors that of our team, who last year was the first ever Formula E team to be awarded a Three Star Accreditation in Sustainability by the FIA. 

The Heart of England Forest is a charity that is creating and conserving a 30,000-acre forest that stretches across the Warwickshire and Worcestershire border. Comprising areas of mature and ancient woodland, new tree planting, grassland, heathland, farmland and wetland, it is maximising biodiversity and creating a mosaic of habitats for wildlife. To date, 1.9 million native broadleaf trees have been planted, with an aim of planting a total of 13 million to help mitigate climate change and to benefit both people and wildlife for hundreds of years to come.

To follow Alexander’s sustainability efforts, you can find him on social media @AlexanderSims.