At the end of each season, Mahindra Racing honours exceptional members of the Formula E community for their outstanding contribution to the series. This year’s award had two very worthy recipients; Agustin Delicado, the Senior Track & Overlay Manager from FEO, for the incredible work he has done all season preparing the tracks, and specifically the work that was undertaken at the season finale in Berlin to reverse the track overnight. And Pablo Martino, FIA Head of Sporting Matters Formula E, for all his tireless work around manufacturers registration for Gen 3 and managing the working group.


Lifelong motorsport fan and civil engineer Agustin was recruited to work on the design of Formula E track back in Season 1 and has not looked back since. In an interview with Julius Bär, Agustin explained how when he goes to a screen to watch a race on a track that he’s just finished building, he feels quite proud. He likes to watch the races to see if there are any ways the track can be improved for the following year. As with anything over the past few years, the challenges of designing and building race track across the world were only increased by the ongoing COVID-19 situation. Nonetheless, Agustin was able to successfully create eight exciting Formula E tracks and oversee the work done at the season finale at Berlin to reverse the circuit overnight.

Having worked in the world of motorsport since 2004, FIA Head of Sporting Matters in Formula E Pablo Martino is no stranger to the unpredictable world of racing. From managing Renault World Series to Touring Cars, he has years of experience organising international motorsport projects and events as well as representing the Series Regulations and to communicate the vision and the spirit of a motorsport championship. Working within Formula E since January 2020, Pablo has played a key part in managing all sporting matters and has recently taken a leading role in organising the manufacturer’s registration for the Gen3 era of Formula E.


At the end of Season 3, Mahindra Racing introduced the Mahindra Rise Award. The award was to be presented at the End of Season Gala on behalf of all teams and manufacturers to someone within the Formula E paddock who we recognised as contributing massively to the series. This person is someone who deserves to be recognised externally for their efforts in making Formula E the success that it is.

Last season’s prize was awarded to Margot McMillen, one of the leaders in event management at Formula E. In the midst of the pandemic, Margot took on the huge challenge of devising and implementing the COVID protocol for the six epic races in Berlin in August 2020.

Margot and this year’s winners Agustin and Pablo are prime examples of individuals within the Formula E community who go above and beyond to ensure the smooth running of the world’s most exciting and unpredictable motorsport. Thank you for your dedication!