As our newest signing got to know his team in Valencia, we sat him down to ask a number of tell-all questions. Here’s what our British racer had to say:

How would your friends describe you in three words?

Relentless, Passionate, Fun

What is the best experience you’ve had on track?

It’s got to be driving an F1 car for the first time… I will never forget that!

What is your biggest fear?

It’s probably a common one, but my biggest fear is failure. 

Are you excited to have Alexander Sims as your teammate? He’s also called Alex – will that get confusing?

I definitely am excited, he’s a good guy! No, it won’t really get confusing, because ever since I’ve known him I’ve always called him Simsy not Alex!

You recently won at Le Mans – describe that winning feeling to us

It’s a really tough one to describe. To be honest it was quite an emotional moment. There was also a sense of relief.

What city are you most excited to drive in next year?

Oooh, probably Paris!

Other than a car, what’s your favourite mode of transport?

Hmmm I’d say the bus. The Number 14 goes from right outside my house through to places like Knightsbridge and Mayfair – all the swanky places you could possibly want to visit!

Describe your feelings heading into the new FE season?

I’m feeling good! Happy, content and motivated to achieve the results that this team and the new M7Electro deserves.

Which other driver are you most likely to use Attack Mode or FANBOOST on? Is there anyone who is hard to overtake?

Ooooh… you’re basically asking who my biggest rival is! I would want to use FANBOOST to overtake Sam Bird, but to be honest everyone is hard to overtake in Formula E! That’s what makes it so competitive and exciting. 

Quite a few people predicted that you would be our second driver in S7 but had to wait a while to find out! Was it tricky hiding the information from your friends and family?

Thankfully, it wasn’t that tricky! Because of the lockdown I wasn’t out and about very much, so I didn’t experience people asking any questions. I don’t think many people were surprised when I was announced though!