GET TO KNOW Alexander Sims

You’re driving for Mahindra Racing again in Season 8. Tell us how you feel?

I’ve enjoyed working with everyone at the team this season and we’ve learned a lot as the year progressed and have secured some strong results. There’s the potential to achieve more in Season 8 and we’ll be working hard to apply the learnings from this season into the next. I’m really looking forward to working with Oliver, who’s clearly very fast and a great racer.

Which race tracks are you most looking forward to in Season 8 and why?

I’m looking forward to racing at the new tracks. Whilst the existing tracks are all great and I enjoy them, I’m looking forward to the new additions to the calendar – Cape Town, Vancouver and the postponed Seoul race.  We’re not sure what the track layouts and configurations are yet but it will be great to travel to these cities, there’s some really awesome locations on the calendar. It’s always fun to visit new countries and cities.

What is your favourite car you’ve ever driven?

Road car wise I’d say my Tesla Roadster that I’ve had for close to ten years. It was my first electric car and it’s quite an iconic car.

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Quiet, honest, over-thinker.

What has been the best moment in your career?

In terms of a race then Spa 24 hours in 2016 as it was a brilliant, near-perfectly executed 24 hour race which are very, very hard to come by! And then in terms of a moment away from the track, I’d say winning the McLaren Autosport BRDC Young Driver Award in 2008.  To get that kind of recognition and be told by the judging panel that you are the best of the current group of young British drivers was pretty special.

What is your favourite food?

Really difficult to say, maybe crème brûlée!  A tough one though, I do love my sweet stuff!

Outside of motorsport, what are your main hobbies/interests?

Having three kids, they take up most of my free time outside of motorsport which is no bad thing!  It just doesn’t leave a lot of time for anything else. Interests-wise I’m into renewable energy and sustainability. I’m always trying to learn about and research what the up and coming ideas are in this area.

Best place you’ve been on holiday and why?

It’s difficult to pick just one as I’ve been fortunate to have been on a lot of very nice holidays. Madeira was definitely up there. There’s some absolutely stunning walks and it’s a really beautiful island.

How do you spend a day off?

Doing fairly normal things around the house really!  I try and do the school run as I miss that a lot when I’m away.  And then just spending time with the kids out and about really. Over the last year and a half we have obviously had to isolate a lot between races so whilst I’ve managed to spend a lot of time with them around the house, I’ve not been able to go out with them so now the season’s ended it’s been nice to spend some time doing things in the school holidays with them.