Silverstone, 03 September 2016: Mahindra Racing is pleased to announce the renewal of their contract with the CIP Team to supply two Mahindra MGP3O machines. Having first started working together in 2014, both parties are looking forward to continuing their relationship and developing the MGP3O frther. The aim for 2017 is to work even closer with all of the Mahindra teams in order to gather more data and enable more riders to battle at the front.

Mufaddal Choonia, Mahindra Racing CEO

“2014 is when our relationship began with the CIP Team and Alain, they were amongst the first we worked with outside of our own team. I’m pleased to continue working with Alain, he’s very knowledgeable and always helps to ensure we have some young prospects on the MGP3O. The results are becoming better for all the teams and this is very encouraging for us at Mahindra and for Alain too. For 2017 we are looking to help all teams achieve the incredible results of Bagnaia, McPhee and Martin.”

Alain Bronec, CIP Team Owner:

“We are very happy to stay with Mahindra because we were with Mahindra from the beginning in 2014. The first year was difficult, the second was better and this year for sure we have found a much greater potential in the bike. We are coming closer to Mahindra, next year we will be even closer and our interest is to be close and as one factory. We can see the potential of the bike, two GP wins and many good results besides this. For sure we will try to come close to these results and we push our riders to match them. For next year being closer to the factory will be better, more information and more updates coming even quicker make me very confident in the project.”