At the ABB FIA Formula E end of season gala ceremony in Berlin, we at Mahindra Racing were delighted to be crowned 2021’s Climate Champions. As proud Champions of Sustainability within the Formula E ecosystem, and a team who aim to be the ‘greenest team in motorsport’, we were awarded this accolade due to several notable achievements over the 2020/21 season.

Back in September 2020, Mahindra Racing became the first Formula E team – and only the second motorsport outfit in the world – to receive a Three-Star FIA Sustainability Accreditation. The FIA Environmental Accreditation Programme is aimed at helping motorsport and mobility stakeholders worldwide to evaluate and develop their environmental performance. By introducing a clear-cut environmental management system, it provides teams with a three-level framework against which to accredit their accomplishments. After initially achieving a Two-Star Accreditation in November 2016, the team has worked continuously towards Excellence in the accreditation system.

In yet another first for Formula E, February 2021 saw Mahindra become the first FIA World Championship entrant to be certified Net Zero Carbon footprint since inception, in association with the ALLCOT Group. ‘Net-zero’ refers to the balance between the amount of greenhouse gas produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere, and will be reached when the amount we add is no more than the amount taken away. This state is often also referred to as ‘carbon neutrality’. Carbon neutrality can also be achieved by eliminating carbon emissions completely.

Alongside sharing the news of being certified Net Zero, Mahindra Racing also pledged to the UNFCCC Sports for Climate Action Framework together with the FIA and Formula E. This initiative aims at supporting sports groups in achieving global climate change goals. By committing to the framework, Mahindra Racing vowed to five key principles; to undertake systematic efforts to promote greater environmental responsibility, to reduce overall climate impact, to educate for climate action, to promote sustainable and responsible consumption and to advocate for climate action through communication.

The 2020/21 season also saw Mahindra Racing add two new partners to the family – One All Sports and Coral Eyewear – both of whom have sustainability at heart. Founded in 2019 by university student George Bailey, Coral Eyewear was created to change the way people see the eyewear industry for good. Already the eyewear choice for individuals such as the team’s own Alexander Sims, Coral Eyewear represents sustainability, high performance and timeless style, with their planet-positive range of sunglasses and glasses, featuring infinitely recyclable luxury frames created from ocean waste, such as rescued fishing nets and recycled plastics.

One All Sports was a natural choice for kit supplier, due to their shared vision and dedication to the use of sustainable materials, applications and processes. The majority of the kit items produced for the team for Season 7 were fully sustainable; made using recycled and organic fabrics.

Sustainability is not a buzz word for us – our rendition of ROCE (otherwise known as Return on Capital Employed) is ingrained into our ethos and a big part of the reason we are racing in Formula E and so to receive this award is a very proud moment.