– ABB FIA Formula E World Championship Season 8
– Round 6 – Monte Carlo
– Saturday 30 April

Mahindra Racing in Rome – The Stats

– Race Starts: 8
– Podiums: 1
– Points Scoring Finishes: 4

“Monaco is a very cool place but I’ve not raced there a huge amount – in fact last year in Formula E was the first time I’ve raced on the GP track. It’s fast, open and fun with some differing cambers, which changes the requirements from a driving and set-up POV. For me, the best parts of the track are going up the hill into turn three, where there’s a cool crest with a fast corner, and then there’s the fast changes of direction in the swimming pool complex, which are really fun. As often in Formula E, the walls are the limit so there’s a very fine line between finding the fastest lap time and being out of the race so this brings high pressure and requires commitment if you want maximum rewards.”

#29 Alexander Sims

“Monaco is an iconic track – you grow up watching the racing here on TV and it becomes a unique place in your mind, with the boats and the casino. It’s a reasonably quick street circuit and the track has pretty good conditions, it’s not so bumpy so it’s probably one of the smoother Formula E circuits that we go to. I’ve had good experiences in Monaco – I won there in Formula 2 and finished second in Formula E – so I’ve got good memories there. Hopefully with the hard work we’ve put in since Rome we can turn up and get a good result.”

#30 Oliver Rowland

Monaco is an exciting place and traditionally we’ve done well here – we’ve celebrated podium success and always left with points-scoring finishes – so we’re looking forward to returning this week. It’s also an exciting week for everyone involved in Formula E, including the fans, as we will reveal the Gen3 car to the public for the first time.”

Dilbagh Gill