Mahindra Racing reveals Gen3: the pinnacle of performance, efficiency and sustainability


On Thursday 28th April, at a star-studded event in Monte Carlo, Monaco, the fastest, lightest, most powerful and efficient electric race car ever built was revealed to the world: the FIA Formula E Gen3. As one of seven manufacturers currently signed-up to compete in Season 9 of the all-electric series, Mahindra Racing revealed the first images of the car with a digital concept livery that provided an insight into the future vision for the team.

Mahindra Racing is the only net carbon zero motorsport team in the world. With Gen3, the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship is rising to this high standard by launching the world’s first net carbon zero race car in the world’s first net carbon zero sport. This 350kw machine is 100kw more powerful than its predecessor and generates more than 40% of its power through regenerative braking, proving that performance, efficiency and sustainability do not have to come with compromise.

Cutting-edge technologies, including a pioneering 600kw ultra-high-speed charge capability for additional energy during the race, paired with the increased scope for performance gains from software engineering, means the battleground for success has never been more future-focused.

The Mahindra Racing digital concept was designed with a positive and vibrant future in mind. The Greenest Team in Motorsport, also known for its colourful presence in the Formula E paddock, aims to build a world where mobility brings ultimate pleasure without compromising the environment. While holding more green credentials than any other Formula E competitor, Mahindra Racing sets out to prove that it’s not just the greenest team.

Dilbagh Gill CEO and Team Principal at Mahindra Racing commented: “Mahindra was the first manufacturer to enter Formula E ahead of season one. We always believed in the vision set out in the series’ inception and the team at Mahindra Racing committed to working hard to see it come to fruition over the next eight seasons. During this time Gen1 made way for the much-improved Gen2, which brought us new levels of efficiency, sustainability and competition, and now we stand on the precipice of Gen3: the championship’s coming of age. Aside from the steps forward in performance and sustainability, we believe that we are now truly developing the technology that will shape our future with a greater focus on race to road transference. This is what we have all been working towards since day one, but the race is far from over.”

The Gen3 Formula E cars will compete from Season 9, which is due to start in the winter of 2022/23. Until then, the teams will continue to battle for honours in the Season 8 FIA Formula E World Championship in what will be the swansong for the Gen2 Mahindra Racing M8Electro.

Manufacturers currently signed-up for Season 9:

Mahindra Racing, India
DS Automobiles, France
Jaguar, United Kingdom
Maserati, Italy
NIO 333, United Kingdom and China
Nissan, Japan
Porsche, Germany