In our recent podcast, ‘The Romance of Racing’, we brought together four people in love; in love with racing! Nicki Shields hosts, with an epic line-up of special guests: The Racing Driver, The Romance Novelist and The Movie Producer. Nick Heidfeld, author Paige Toon and producer of ‘Senna’ Manish Pandey got together to discuss their love for the magical world of motor racing.

If you haven’t listened yet, don’t miss this fascinating episode.

Nick Heidfeld talks about his love of the Goodwood Festival of Speed, and what he thinks is the worst racing movie ever made (spoiler: our guest Manish Pandey was safe as it wasn’t Senna!). He also mulls over who would play him in a biopic of his life and talks about the incomparable Ayrton.

Ayrton was a popular topic of discussion, with Paige Toon, the prolific romance writer who has sold over 1.5 million copies of her books, reminiscing about the time she met him at the Australian Grand Prix when she was 18. The daughter of a former sportscar, Formula 1 and Indycar drive, she talks of how her love of racing inspired one of her books and plots her next book with Nick Heidfeld as the hero!

And Manish Pandey tells us all how he ended up making Senna following a career path of training as an orthopedic surgeon and a stint as a romcom movie writer. He talks about his favourite racing films and tells us all about what we can watch next as he has created a new motorsport documentary.

And, of course, they all talk about Formula E, electric racing and the future of motorsport.

This is an episode you won’t want to miss!

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