Mahindra Racing – Partner Spotlight Blog Q&A with Andrea Righetto, CEO of ILLIAR

We speak with CEO, Andrea Righetto from our partner ILLIAR about this new venture and how he thinks the partnership in Formula E will benefit his grand ambitions.

Q. Not only was the Rome E-Prix your very first experience of Formula E but you also saw Mahindra’s first podium of the season too – what are your first impressions of the Championship?
A. It was a priceless experience. The tension of the high-speed challenge on track really gets the viewer hooked with bated breath. But what is more, I am proud to see how a product representing a peak for sustainable innovation can stir up so much emotion from an ever-growing audience.

Q. As industry leaders in ICT, Blockchain and Infrastructure, ILLIAR are at the cutting edge of technology – can you tell us more about what the company does?
A. ILLIAR has a complex identity but, first of all, is an incubator of ambitious and green projects. Despite our young age, we boast a staff with a very high-profile of IT and engineering skills. Thanks to this and constant investments in R&D, we create, reshape and support projects with great potential in terms of sustainability and innovation. We are able to operate across different sectors, boosting the development of new businesses, ensuring maximum sustainability together with top-level performance.

Q. With a focus on innovation and sustainable solutions, there is clearly a strong synergy with Formula E, where we drive the development of E- Mobility – how do you see the parallels with the series?
A. There are many similarities between ILLIAR and Formula E; in particular both are driven by the pursuit of excellence and a respect for people and environment. In sport, a real achievement is not just a great performance in a race, but the rise of a positive impact beyond the competition itself, inspiring the audience all over the world. Like a real sports icon, we desire to create not just a successful business for us and our clients, but a better world for everyone.

Q. What are your ambitions for the partnership with Mahindra Racing and how will working with the team help ILLIAR?
A. We are pleased to have started our partnership journey; what we aspire for the future is a strengthening of synergy between the two realities so focused on innovation and at the same time extremely committed to improve the environment.

Q. What other sectors and areas are ILLIAR involved in?
A. ILLIAR has always had a strong focus on green and sustainability, and our cutting-edge technological skills have allowed us to become true pioneers in the field of green high tech. These two elements make us cross-cutting and able to bring innovations in virtually any field. We are currently developing new innovative projects we are very proud about, driven by the aim to generate progress and to improve our environment and our life… follow us to discover more!

Q. Can you tell us a little more about your own career – where did it all begin and how did you come to found ILLIAR?
A. My entrepreneurial career began in the industrial plants sector for important companies in the energy and naval sectors. Then, driven by the desire to create something innovative in the nautical world, I inaugurated my yacht yard in Venice, which has received international awards for the extremely modern lines and design of the interiors. In Switzerland I then founded my development and engineering company, creating new infrastructures such as modular DataCenters suitable for blockchain technology. All these experiences and know-how have converged in ILLIAR, where the cutting edge in the tech field is at the service of the green economy.

Q. Are there any other Formula E races in the calendar you are particularly looking forward to?
A. If I have to pick one, I’d say that I’m really curious about the New York race, due to the modernity and the dynamism of the city. Unfortunatley we won’t be able to be there, but we’ll follow the race from Europe.

Q. And finally… do you have any predictions for the rest of the season for Mahindra Racing?
A. Alexander and Alex have done their best so far, and I am very proud of the results they achieved. I do not know what to expect for the rest of the season, but I’m very excited to see what will happen in the remaining races!

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