In the lead up to our home race in India, we were delighted to welcome Elisa Sacchini to the team as our new Sporting Manager. After the excitement of the Hyderabad E-Prix had subsided, we sat down with her to learn a little more about her…

What does your job role involve?
It involves mostly making sure that the team is aware of everything regarding the regulations, and that obviously we comply with them in all respects. And also keeping the team updated with all the potential changes, how we can best use them etc. There is also some work with the drivers, acting as a liaison for them over a race weekend.

Before you joined Mahindra Racing, what was your career path?
I have been working in motorsport my whole career. After graduating as an interpreter of English and Russian, I applied for an internship in the travel department of Toro Rosso F1 team. I spent six months there, before joining the FIA in 2016. I started out in the safety department, as a PA to the Safety Director and Department Coordinator. Three years later I got involved in Formula E as Sporting Coordinator in the FIA’s sporting department.

What did your role of Sporting Coordinator in Formula E entail?
I would follow all of the FIA official administration for the championship in terms of the teams – so the team registration, e-licenses for the drivers, all the documents that are needed to issue the official sporting information to run the event.

What is your favourite thing about working in Formula E?
I like Formula E because it is new, dynamic, young, exciting and never repetitive.

What are your ambitions for your new role at Mahindra Racing?
I hope I will be of great use to the team, help to improve the results and hopefully we can win the championship!