2019/20 ABB FIA Formula E Championship Temporarily Suspended

13 March 2020, Banbury, UK – Formula E and the FIA have announced that the 2019/20 season will be temporarily suspended for a two-month period, considering the challenge the current health crisis poses to the organisation of events in city-centres.

The decision, made in coordination with the relevant local authorities to temporarily freeze races held in highly-populated cities, was taken as the most responsible course of action, due to the continued spread of coronavirus and the World Health Organisation officially declaring COVID-19 a pandemic.

For Formula E’s full news statement, please visit www.fiaformulae.com

“We are in full support of Formula E’s decision to temporarily suspend the season. With the World Health Organisation declaring COVID-19 a pandemic, the world is facing an extraordinary challenge, and it is up to all of us to be responsible. In addition to Formula E’s decision, as an organisation we are also taking measures to protect our workforce. The most important thing at the moment is the consideration of the health and safety of the people in our ecosystem; from our staff to the wider championship workforce, our partners and suppliers and our fans.”

Dilbagh Gill