Shell Transmission Fluid Partnership

Ahead of Season 7 of the ABB Formula E World Championship, Shell has developed a special e-transmission fluid for the M7Electro.

The scientists at Shell have collaborated with us and ZF Friedrichshafen AG, who have developed a new electric drive train and transmission for the M7Electro. The main purpose of the new fluid is to increase the efficiency of the transmission, which consequently improves the car’s performance on track.

Partnership with Shell

Shell have been a key partner of our Formula E programme since 2018, and they also manufacture, distribute and market lubricants for the wider Mahindra automotive group in India. The two companies share a common goal of delivering a lower carbon future as well the use of on-track innovation to enhance electric road car technology.

E-Transmission Fluids

The Shell fluids support both battery electric and fuel cell electric powertrains, and once added to the vehicles they are able to perform at optimum levels over the car’s lifetime. Shell uses gas to liquid (GTL) base oil technology for their E-Fluids and they have been developed to meet specific challenges that arise in competitive motorsport, such as temperature control.

Season 7

With this new e-transmission fluid adding to an already impressive powertrain set-up, we head into the World Championship season with a renewed excitement for the prospects of our car, and we are eager to get on the track to demonstrate and support further development of this exciting innovation. Bring it on!