This season we are using Tuesdays to highlight the amazing members of our race team and the various, and sometimes unknown, roles that make it up. This week we are meeting the person race weekends would be impossible without… our team travel coordinator (and Executive Assistant to Fred) Emily Allen!

Explain your job in 3 words

I can do it in two: People Logistics

Now explain it in a few sentences, what do you do on a daily basis?

As Travel Coordinator, I ensure the team get to where they need to be for test/race events at the right time as smoothly as possible – from booking flights and hotels to sorting VISAs and schedules. For our CEO Fred – I coordinate his diary, attend meetings with him and I’m working with him on a number of projects.

What journey did you take to get to your current role?

I trained at the Oxford Media and Business School after Sixth Form, gaining an Executive PA Diploma. From there I moved into the world of Estate Agency and Publishing. After a couple of years living and working in Australia (my quarter-life crisis), I returned to the UK and joined a FE team as PA to the Team Principal. I have spent the last 3 years with an F1 team, travelling as one of their Team Coordinators before joining Mahindra Racing in April.

Does your role change during a race weekend?

Race events are hectic, so usually I am making sure Fred has gone to the various meetings that take place over the weekend, whilst also looking after his guests and helping the Partnerships Department with VIPs. Sometimes that means I am in Emotion Club, other times I am based in the garage, helping with tours. It means I am also on hand if there are any travel issues – I will usually use Wednesday and Thursday morning to meet with our suppliers to ensure we are all happy with arrangements for the weekend and looking ahead to upcoming events.

What is the best thing about your role? And the most challenging?

Same answer to both questions – the people! I have met some awesome people working in motorsport and have made life-long friends (despite the old saying ‘you don’t make friends in motorsport’) but my job would definitely be easier if people weren’t involved haha!

What has been your favourite moment working in Formula E?

There are definitely a few, but I think a highlight for me must be the first New York EPrix in 2017. It was a crazy week as I was standing in for two team members and it was the first time I really understood the hype about New York. I’m not sure I slept for the entire week, but it was well worth it!