Starting your 2021 off on the right foot might feel a little more challenging than usual with the current lockdown restrictions. However, it has never been more important for us move our bodies and put our Wellness first.

With an increased focus on our at-home lifestyle: how we organise our living space, what we eat and how we workout, we spoke to our partner Technogym for some top tips on how you can keep active from home in 2021 and beyond.

Take advantage of what you have at home.

With so many of us stuck at home during the pandemic, it’s easy to feel as if there is no way of exercising – but this isn’t true! There are plenty of ways to utilise what you have at home to keep fit.


Take part in full body workouts

You can easily maximise your workouts at home with a 25-minute full body session that will really get your heart rate going.

Some great full body weight compound exercises to get you started include:

Bodyweight Squat and Press

Bodyweight Lunge and Rotation

Bodyweight Burpee or Step Burpee

Bodyweight Sit-up

Bodyweight Floor Hip Thrusts

To make this a 25-minute session, spend 1-minute on each exercise and complete a total of 4 rounds, taking a 1-minute break in between each round.


Increase intensity and add variety

To increase intensity, you can add weights to any of the above exercises. You can use a number of objects that you have around the house including tins of beans, bottles of water, or even a heavy book. 

To add variety, look to utilise the floor space you have around the house. Push furniture out of the way in your living room, use the staircase as a step, or use well-secured furniture to adapt exercises.


Explore the outdoors

Getting outside to go for a run (or power walk!) is not only a great way to explore your local area, the health benefits include:

Strengthening muscles

Increasing lung capacity

Supporting weight loss

Building a stronger immune system

Reducing the risk of heart disease

Improving blood pressure

Enhancing brain function


Invest in your Wellness

Investing in home gym equipment can really take your training to the next level and at Mahindra Racing we’re delighted that our workouts are powered by Technogym.

As the leading global provider of fitness and wellness solutions, Technogym can offer a complete range of cardio, strength and functional equipment to help you train at home.

Technogym Bench

If you’re looking to utilise space, then the Technogym Bench is the perfect companion for your home Wellness needs. This all-inclusive functional training kit empowers you to perform a whole host of exercises for a total body workout. It combines elastic bands, dumbbells, weighted knuckles and a training mat, all in a compact footprint.


Technogym Accessories

When looking to increase intensity and add variety to your workouts, the addition of simple accessories can really take your workout to the next level. Discover a complete range of Exercise Tools including Foam Rollers, Exercise Mats, Jump Ropes, Elastic Bands, Power Bands and so much more to support your at home training.


Technogym Myrun

With the current cold winter months and darker evenings, going outside for a run isn’t always that appealing. That’s where the Technogym Myrun comes in. The first ever treadmill that works with an app on your tablet to keep you motivated and improve your running technique.


Try new things

One of the easiest ways to lose motivation to exercise is by letting your workouts become boring. Trying something new and keeping your workouts fresh is the key to staying on top of your fitness in 2021! Plus, if you are unable to take part in your usual physical activity or sport due to restrictions in your area – why not try something new from home? During the first lockdown we teamed up with Karen Hauer who designed a series of workouts you can do from home. Why not give them a go!


Find the best workout time for you

It is often easier to stick to a fitness regime if you find the best time to exercise and stick to it. Morning workouts typically mean you’re less prone to distractions. You’re less likely to get phone calls, text messages, and emails. With fewer distractions, you’re more likely to follow through with your workout, improve energy and better focus throughout the day!

For some people though, the mornings could be far too busy for a workout, and that’s okay! Finding the best time for you personally is important, and some people actually prefer evening workouts. Try a few different times and see what suits you best.

Take rest days!

This one is super important. No matter what kind of exercise you are doing, it is vital that you take days off to rest and give your body a chance to recover. When you exercise, small tears occur in the muscle, and therefore when you rest it allows these tears to not only heal but heal stronger!

Taking time off from your fitness regime will also help prevent injury, as problems can occur when you overuse them, and allows your body to replenish its glycogen stores. Glycogen is crucial for your muscles to work effectively, and not enough glycogen will leave you tired and weak.

Rest days also help you sleep better and reduce stress, it’s a win-win!

Follow this link for more information on rest days


Eat and drink right

When undertaking any form of exercise, keeping hydrated is absolutely key. It helps to boost energy levels, reduce cramps and replaces fluid lost through sweat. It also improves blood flow and circulation, which helps get oxygen to your working muscles.

If you are working towards a particular regime outcome or target, you may also want to think about food too! If you are trying to build muscle, make sure you eat a good amount, especially protein. A healthy, balanced diet can also help to build up your immune system – a very important factor now and always.

If you are planning to begin a new fitness regime in 2021, why not keep track of your progress on the Technogym mywellness app? You can search ‘Technogym mywellness’ in your app store to find it.


Look out for information of an exclusive Mahindra Racing offer with Technogym soon!