It’s summer time and the sun is out (well, mostly!), meaning many of us are taking advantage of the weather and doing our workouts outside! However, whilst it’s great to enjoy the fresh air and reap the mental health benefits, it can also be really tough training outdoors, especially when the heat is extreme. We called upon the advice of the fitness experts at Technogym to give us their top tips for outdoor workouts.

Exercising and getting outdoors has been shown to boost mood and can help combat anxiety and depression. Whether its walking, jogging, or running the great outdoors can also make it harder and give you a more of an effective workout; research shows this is due in part to the uneven terrain leading to an increase in physical activity levels. A treadmill typically runs flat or at a steady elevation, while in nature these patterns aren’t as predictable. This research also shows that exercising in the outdoors can lead to stress reduction and an improvement in overall self-esteem.

Enjoying the last little bit of summer weather doesn’t have to be unbearable though.

Here are some of Technogyms tips to beat the heat and soak up a little extra Vitamin D while working out.

1. Exercise early or late in the day

When you work out in the morning or in the evening, you’re avoiding the hottest parts of the day, which is around 2 p.m. It’s important to also note that your risk of sunburn peaks around noon when the sun is at its highest point.

Exercising in the morning or later in the evening also allows you to choose workouts that work double duty. In the morning, a boot camp in the park or jog around the block will energise you for the day ahead, while a relaxing yoga sequence will help you wind down at night.

Tailor your workouts to the time of day to take advantage of its benefits and get exactly what you need in that moment.

2. Work out in bursts

Splitting up your workouts is a great way to train if you want to make big fitness leaps quickly.

In fact, many people don’t realise they’re already doing it. Doing shorter workouts throughout the week that target certain muscle groups can shave off time when you’re exercising outside as well as help isolate and tone certain body parts.

You can also apply this method to each workout by trying an interval routine where you push yourself all out for one minute, then let yourself recover for 1-2 minutes. This will help regulate your body temperature and heart rate, versus pushing yourself hard straight through an entire workout.

Take the idea of splitting up workouts even further by exercising in ‘bursts’. Think of this as interval training on a larger scale. You can sprint for one minute, ten times a day as hard as you can and it will be just as good for your body as if you sprinted for those ten minutes consecutively. Similarly, if you can get outside for a fast-paced 10 minute walk a few times a day, you can count that as your 30 minutes of exercise while minimizing being outdoors for long stretches of time.

3. Get in the water

One easy way to beat the heat or change up your activity is to get into the water! This is a fool proof way to torch calories while staying cool. Many associate activities surrounding water to be for pleasure and not for exercise, but it is quite the opposite. While there are many factors to consider, one hour of intense swimming can burn around 500 calories, depending on the weight of the individual. If swimming laps around the pool isn’t for you, you may enjoy attending a water aerobics class. These classes can give you the opportunity to cool off as well as burn hundreds of calories.

If that doesn’t work, try getting on the water instead of in it. Kayaking can burn around 500 calories per hour depending on your weight, and really works your back and shoulders. Plus, who doesn’t love watching a calming sunrise or sunset while you’re on the lake? Paddle boarding and canoeing are other ways to get in a solid workout, while soaking up the warm weather while it lasts.

4. Stay hydrated

Research shows that a person who doesn’t exercise needs 1.5 litres of water a day to stay sufficiently hydrated. So if you’re working out, and doing it outdoors in the heat on top of it, it’s even more important to that you’re drinking enough water.

Aim to drink half your body weight in ounces each day. I recommend that for every 15 minutes of working out outdoors, you drink at least an additional 8 ounces of water (and slightly more than that if you’re working out more intensely). Using the reminders on your phone can help keep you on track.

5. Always be mindful and safe

Being outside, headphones in and listening to your favourite jam is a huge plus for most people but remember there are always risks – Cars, Terrain, Heat etc.

Make sure you have the proper food, water, and a phone for emergencies to support your training needs.

Be aware of your surroundings and have fun!