Last week at the Formula E End of Season Gala, Mahindra Racing CEO Dilbagh Gill presented two unsung heroes of the Formula E paddock with the Mahindra Rise Award. This year’s winners were Bianca Janas of the catering team and Andrew Windle from the Spare Parts tent.

Every year since Season 3, Mahindra Racing have celebrated brilliant members of the Formula E community for their outstanding contribution to the series. Whilst named and presented by Mahindra Racing, the accolade is a thanks from all members of the Formula E paddock to those exceptional individuals.


This year’s worthy recipients Bianca and Andrew both play a crucial role in the successful running of the busy Formula E paddock.

At every race Bianca ensures all team members are catered for over the lunch break, circulating behind the garages with trollies of lunches for every crew member. With races held across the globe and results ever-changing, Bianca is a well-loved constant amongst the chaos. Starting her career as a waitress in her home city of Frankfurt, Bianca went on to work in hotels and cruise ships across the world. Her true love, however, was motorsport. She went on to work within the World Endurance Championship, Le Mans and Formula 1, before arriving with us in Formula E – and making a massive impact!

Andrew, meanwhile, works in the Spare Parts garage, and through his exceptional hard work demonstrates his commitment to the series week-in, week-out. He is one of a select few in the paddock to have attended all one hundred Formula E races, and on every occasion proves extremely helpful to Team Managers who stop by his tent. Before Formula E he worked in F1 for many years, coordinating parts and building his impressive reputation in the industry. Without either of these individuals the Formula E events could not run as smoothly as they do.



At the end of Season 3, Mahindra Racing introduced the Mahindra Rise Award. The award was to be presented at the End of Season Gala on behalf of all teams and manufacturers to someone within the Formula E paddock who we recognised as contributing massively to the series. This person is someone who deserves to be recognised externally for their efforts in making Formula E the success that it is.

Last year the award was also given to two outstanding individuals in the Formula E paddock, Agustin Delicado, the Senior Track & Overlay Manager from FEO, and Pablo Martino, FIA Head of Sporting Matters Formula E.